Supernova Pre-Roll


Crafted for enthusiasts, our Supernova Pre-Roll offers a smooth, flavorful smoke with euphoric creativity and relaxing bliss in every puff.


Supernova Pre-Roll

Embrace the stellar experience of our Supernova Pre-Roll, crafted for discerning enthusiasts. Meticulously handcrafted using top-shelf flower, each roll ensures a consistent and flavorful smoke.

With its blend of strains, it offers a complex profile with notes of earthy pine, citrus, and subtle floral undertones. This combination delivers a smooth and satisfying experience, perfect for seasoned users and newcomers alike.

The high begins with a euphoric rush that uplifts the mind and enhances creativity. As it progresses, a gentle wave of relaxation spreads, melting away tension and leaving you in blissful calm.

Whether unwinding after a day or exploring creativity, the Supernova Pre-Roll promises euphoria and relaxation. Individually packaged for freshness and convenience, it’s ready to elevate your experience. Join us in discovering cannabis brilliance with every puff of our Supernova Pre-Roll.


For your convenience, we provide:

– 🏙️ Same-day delivery service within Johannesburg, with rates tailored to your location. (EXTRA charge uber,bolt) 

📦 Pudo locker to locker: 2-3 days (R75) nationwide

– 🚪 Pudo locker to door delivery: 2-3 days (R75) nationwide


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