Mind Fuck Pre-Roll


Intense potency meets exceptional flavor in our 2g Mind Fuck Pre-Roll. Perfect for seasoned users seeking a transformative cannabis experience.


Mind Fuck Pre-Roll

Prepare for an unforgettable experience with our meticulously crafted Mind Fuck Pre-Roll, delivering intense potency and exceptional flavor. Each joint contains 2g of premium, hand-selected flower for a robust and satisfying smoke.

Renowned for its bold flavor profile, featuring spicy earth, citrus, and hints of pine, this pre-roll tantalizes the palate from the first puff. It starts with a powerful cerebral rush, enhancing creativity and sensory perception, before easing into deep relaxation.

Perfectly suited for seasoned users exploring new dimensions of cannabis enjoyment, our Pre-Roll promises a transformative session. Carefully rolled for optimal burn and consistency, each joint ensures a smooth, flavorful smoke that enriches the overall experience.

Indulge in the Mind Fuck Pre-Roll to discover why it’s the preferred choice for those seeking a potent and memorable cannabis journey. Elevate your experience and embrace the intensity of Mind Fuck Pre-Roll today.


For your convenience, we provide:

– 🏙️ Same-day delivery service within Johannesburg, with rates tailored to your location. (EXTRA charge uber,bolt) 

📦 Pudo locker to locker: 2-3 days (R75) nationwide

– 🚪 Pudo locker to door delivery: 2-3 days (R75) nationwide


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