Smokers Veteran Package


The Smokers Veteran Package

  • 3.5 grams of Dabs
  • Dive into 5 grams of indoor AAA
  • Indulge in 5 grams of Hashish AAA
  • Experience 5 grams of Greenhouse AAA


Introducing our Smokers Veteran Package, tailored for those who appreciate the finest smoking indulgences:

Dive into 3.5 grams of potent Dabs, offering concentrated bliss for seasoned enthusiasts. Followed by 5 grams of meticulously cultivated indoor AAA, each puff promises a symphony of flavor and potency. Indulge further with 5 grams of Hashish AAA, delivering a smooth and satisfying smoke that lingers on the palate.

Completing this ensemble is 5 grams of Greenhouse AAA, boasting a robust profile and delightful aroma, perfect for rounding out your smoking experience.

This package caters to the discerning smoker’s palate, delivering a symphony of sensory delights with every puff. Elevate your smoking ritual to new heights with the Smokers Veteran Package.

For your convenience, we provide:

🏙️ Same-day delivery service within Johannesburg, with rates tailored to your location. (EXTRA charge uber,bolt) 

📦 Pudo locker to locker: 2-3 days (R75) nationwide

🚪 Pudo locker to door delivery: 2-3 days (R75) nationwide

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