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Skyff 420 updates Saturday

Greetings fellow 420 friends,

We bring great news today, skyff 420 spaza website is done as far as comes to configuration. Payment gate added in form of BTC payments to start with. Yoco payments will be added soon, Courier Guy fully implemented and will be the primary shipping solution that we support from start. WhatsApp support added as well for quick customer support on one of the main channels used in Africa.

Promotional video material has been uploaded to Youtube we will use these on our Instagram and TikTok accounts as well to help spread the word to all our fellow smokers 🙂 in South Africa.

Our intentions are to open the shop up within 14 days as latest, just a lite bit of testing to be done first. And as an opening offer we will trow something extra in for our first 100 customers a welcome of soft bonus.


Skyff 420 Spaza

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